How to Make Your Tires Shine

How to Make Your Tires Shine – Regularly detailing a car is as important as maintaining mechanical maintenance, if the vehicle’s value should be maintained. This includes washing and waxing the car frequently, cleaning the interior and, of course, detailing the wheels and tires. There are several ways to apply a pleasant glow to your tires. Take protective
Several different products can be used to clean and shine the tires of your car, truck or SUV. One of the most common products is all armor in protective spray, which is made of rubber and plastic parts. There are many other products available, thus made by companies such as Eagle one, which offer different degrees of brightness, according to the desired appearance. In addition to the spraying on tire pads, there are gel type, as well as a kind of foam of tire bandages.

How to Make Your Tires Shine

Applying Protective Tire

Wash the wheels and tires before applying the tire protector to remove dust and dirt. Spray a protective layer over the entire surface of the tire if you use the type spraying. Soak in 30 seconds or less, then wipe the excess with a dry and clean cloth, ensuring that the entire surface is covered. Apply protector with a sponge applicator, wiping the sponge around the side wall of the tire. Wipe any excess protector out of the tire. Clean the wheels with a clean, dry cloth after the tires are treated.


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