Maintenance of Car Filters: When to Change Them

Maintenance of car filters: when to change them –┬áThe different filters on your motor must be replaced periodically, otherwise, you may damage your engine; Autogenics is the point.

Maintenance of car filters

  • The air filter: It is good to change it every 20,000 km. Its replacement is a breeze, you just have to open the box containing the filter. Place a damp cloth on the inside of the housing, then carefully position the new filter to prevent unfiltered air from being vented.
  • The oil filter: After each drain, the oil filter must be replaced. To change it, just loosen it using a wrench. After oiling the gasket, place the new filter by squeezing it by hand and the turn is played.
  • The fuel filter: it changes every 20,000 km and this operation proves to be meticulous. As it presents itself as a high precision element it is better to have it replaced by someone to qualify in this case a mechanic!
  • The pollen filter: It equips the fairly recent cars, its presence is advantageous for asthmatics and allergic. It is advisable to change it twice a year in the early spring and at the end of the summer to optimize its performance. To replace it, refer to your vehicle’s explanatory instructions to locate it. Then make the change.

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